Zack Baize

Zach Baize:  Oxford University.

Student Ambassador: Energy & Environmental policy, and Economics.


Zack Baize is currently working on his Master’s degree in Nature, Society, and Environmental Policy at the University of Oxford in the UK.  His main focus is on combining public policy with market-based economic solutions that work for sustainable energy and the environment. He holds a degree in IPE (International Political Economics) from the University of Kentucky where he focused on energy and environmental issues.  In his honor’s thesis, International Environmental Agreements: Differences Across Systems of Representation, he developed a pro/con analysis of differing political systems and how they managed environmental policy.


After completing his undergraduate degree, Zack worked for the energy consulting firm Summit Energy Services Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky for a year and a half.  In this capacity, he advised clients in Texas and Colorado on energy and efficiency issues.


Zack believes that renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental degradation, and resource scarcity all contribute to the comprehensive issue of “sustainability” and pose a fundamental challenge to the next generation.  He is a strong proponent of invVest’s position that massive scaling of renewable energy is vital to America’s, and the world’s, energy future.


Zack is an avid player of guitar and percussion instruments.  He also enjoys reading, going to the gym, history, traveling, physics, the zoo, and being married to Michelle.

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