Why Support invVEST?

What will the Support be used for?

  • Call for action from State and Federal government leaders to act on our shared vision
  • Get funding/grants/sponsorships for our non-profit efforts

invVEST is a Technology Agnostic, apolitical Nonprofit Organization with a single purpose: Enable Global Leadership through Sustainable Energy Initiatives Massive Scaling. Our initiative will provide Clean & Economical Energy leading to a vibrant economy while protecting our planet for future generations.  TOGETHER WE CAN!

invVEST will work collaboratively with students, communities, educational institutions as well as public & private sector organizations to enable our shared vision. Read more (pdf).

invVEST initiatives will enable a global paradigm shift. Imagine:
Twenty years from now instead of fighting over a dwindling resource like fossil based oil to generate our energy that increases our pollution levels to the point of no return for our planet, we generate more clean, sustainable energy because it actually helps protect the environment while fueling our economic growth.

In short, invVEST initiatives will enable Clean Energy and Economical Energy.

  • Invest in sustainable Energy
  • Improve the Environment
  • Inspire through Education
  • Invigorate the¬†Economy
  • Increase energy Equity


  1. I am a firm believer in the power of grass-roots initiatives to get things done. I strongly support your initiatives to pursue sustainable alternatives to the fossil fuel upon which we depend today. Good luck!

  2. Day to day, we do all we can for our children. This is a long term effort to providing for thier future regardless of your orientation.. I’m in…

  3. invEST’s goal of mobilizing the entire economy in converting to the next sustainable energy system is exactly what the U. S. needs to do.

    Great vision!

  4. USA must regain its leadership in the transition from the fossil fuels to alternative energy sources. Failure is not an option for this quest!

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    1. Dr. G. William Walster
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