Som Karamchetty

Som Karamchetty:  invVEST Ambassador, Energy Efficiency, Solar, Wind.

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Som Karamchetty is keen on energy solutions for the betterment of people. He applies Zwicky’s Morphological analysis technique to develop new energy concepts from source to end-use. Early in his career, he invented the Surge Cycle to improve the part-load efficiency of gasoline engines. He built prototypes of low-cost windmills for utility in rural India. For the US Department of Energy in 1976, he led a team that studied waste heat recovery potential and technologies and published a five volume report. Later in 1979, with a view to reducing dependency on liquid fuels, his report based on power plant dispatch modeling was used to publish fuel use exemption tables in the Federal Register. He conducted studies on cogeneration systems with fuel cell energy systems.  Working at MTI as a Senior Systems Engineer, he analyzed numerous cases of organic Rankine cycles for waste heat sources and solar thermal systems.

Som invented several alternative cycles or enhancements and heat exchanger configurations. He developed expert systems for energy system diagnostics. He developed novel systems concepts in modular nuclear energy systems, and dispersed solar and wind energy systems.

Som taught energy systems courses at IIT, Kharagpur, The University of Newcastle, Australia, and Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. As a federal executive, he managed projects at the US Army Research Laboratory at Adelphi, Maryland. He is a volunteer business counselor with SCORE and a Board member of Capital IIT Alumni Association.

Dr. Karamchetty received M Tech and PHD degrees from IIT, Kharagpur in 1961 and 1965 respectively.

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