Ryan Atallah

Ryan Atallah:  Student Ambassador, Fairview High School.

Pic Ryan Atallah

Ryan Atallah is a sophomore at Fairview High School. He is interested in a wide variety of academic disciplines and artistic  activities. At school, he participates in numerous clubs including Knowledge and Science Bowl, Spanish Club, and Youth in Government. He also does Speech and Debate, where he debates and formulates speeches about issues including those concerning climate change and sustainable energy. Ryan also is a member of the National Honor Society, and spends a significant amount of his time volunteering in the community. This includes tutoring high school students daily during his off periods. As an IB diploma candidate, he maintains a GPA of over 4.0 and is enrolled in many IB and AP classes, in order to be academically challenged.

 In addition to his academic studies, Ryan enjoys filmmaking and website design. He has created a number of short films, and developed and published websites for local small businesses, school programs and personal use. He also participates in choir and in his free time plays the piano. Another passion of his include the study of languages. He has finished the Spanish program at his school, and has now begun to study French.

Ryan joined invVEST because to him the issue of energy consumption around the world and the effect that such consumption has on climate change is one of great importance and urgency. His interests primarily lie in the development of new methods of generating power in a sustainable manner, as well as spreading awareness of wasteful energy use in day to day life.

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