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This is not a complete list.  Additional material will be included as and when they become available.

Global Organizations dealing in Energy:
German Advisory council for Global Change:
International Energy Agency:
World Watch Institute:
Soaring Opportunities:

US Public Sector Organizations dealing in Energy:
US DOE: DOE dollar per watt Overview
US DOE: DOE dollar per watt Roadmap
US DOE: ARPA E DOE dollar per watt 2011 Workshop
US Department of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy:
National Renewable Energy Labs:
Energy Information Administration:

US Private Sector Organizations dealing in Energy:
Gigaton Throwdown:
Google Going Green:

Educational Sites dealing in Energy:
NEED Science Fair Projects: 
EIA Energy Kids:

Smart Grid Sites:
Green Tech Media Research: 
Green Tech Media, The Soft Grid:
Seven Characteristics of a Modern Grid:
EPRI Report to NIST on the Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Roadmap, p 63-65:

Energy Audit Sites:
Other solutions available from: GEO, DOE, OpenEco, Trucost

Global Level Solar:
First Solar:
Abengoa Solar:

Global Level Wind:
World Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity 1980 -2007

Useful Data:
EIA Energy by Source projections (excel file)
Top 100 Global Solar Installs (excel file)
Cumulative Wind Power Installs (pdf)
Overview of BioGas Opportunity (pdf)

Climate Change:
Dr. Alexander E. (Sandy) MacDonald was named the first Director of the Earth System Research Laboratory and first Deputy Assistant Administrator for NOAA Research Laboratories and Cooperative Institutes on July 27, 2006. Dr. MacDonald served as Acting Director for the Earth System Research Laboratory and Director of the ESRL Global Systems Division during the consolidation of the Boulder Laboratories into the Earth System Research Laboratory in 2006. Prior to the consolidation, Dr. MacDonald led the Forecast Systems Laboratory. View presentation.

BioMass & BioFuels:
Heartland Renewable Energy:
Oilgae: Algae News:
Some Algae companies:
GreenTech News on Algae:
News at Princeton: Biofuels ‘done right’ can curb greenhouse gas emissions and provide other benefits:

15 Algae companies making News:

Hybrids & Plug-ins:
Hybrids Plus:
Shai Agassi’s Plug-in Cars Infrastructure Stretch Goals:
Other References:
Energy Conversion Tables:
Renewable Energy World Magazine & News:

Colorado Based Public Organizations dealing in Energy:
National Renewable Energy Labs home page
Colorado Governor’s Energy Office
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
University of Colorado Energy Initiative:
CSU Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory:

Colorado Utilities:
Xcel Energy:

Colorado Based Solar Companies:
Ascent Solar:
Namaste Solar:
REC Solar:

RES Americas:


Energy Consulting & Services Companies:

Colorado Associations/ nonprofits
CORE: Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy
CCIA: Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
CRES: Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Rocky Mountain Institute
CSIA: The Colorado Technology Association
COSEIA: Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association:
Environment Colorado:
ASEA: American Solar Energy Society:
Tie Rockies:
invVEST: Invest in Energy that’s Sustainable thru Virtual Teams:

National Level Organizations:
E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs:
McKinsey Global Institute:
Cleantech group LLC
Renewable Energy World Magazine & News:
invVEST: Invest in Energy that’s Sustainable thru Virtual Teams:

Market Creation & Strategy References Influencing Vision:
Competing for the Future: Gary Hamel & C.K. Prahalad
Innovators Dilemma: Clayton M. Christensen
Black Swan: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation: Robert Burgelman
Hot, Flat & Crowded: Thomas Friedman:
Discipline of Market Leaders Michael Treacy & Fred Wiresema
Built to Last and Good to Great by Jim Collins
It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For: Why Every Extraordinary Business is Driven by Purpose by Roy Spence

Energy Dynamics Book References:
Two Billion Cars: Driving Towards Sustainability by Daniel Sperling & Deborah Gordon
Green to Gold by Daniel C. Esty & Andrew Winston
Sustainable Energy — without the hot air by David JC MacKay
Go Green Live Rich by David Bach
Freedom From Oil by David Sandalow
Gusher of Lies Robert Bryce
Recent Renewable Energy Forums in Colorado:
NREL Growth Forums:
VSNI: Grassroots Renewable Energy Session
CORE Summit

Upcoming Forums & Sessions:
Visit for extensive lists of SEI/REI events:

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