Dr. Pramod Jain

Dr. Pramod Jain:  invVEST Ambassador, Wind Energy.

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Dr. Pramod Jain is a recognized expert in the field of wind resource assessment and has an in depth knowledge of all aspects of wind energy projects. He is the author of Wind Energy Engineering which is published by McGraw-Hill, New York and was released in Sept, 2010.

Pramod is the founder and president of Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. (IWE), a Wind Energy Consulting company. IWE is responsible for taking a wind project from concept to pre-construction. Past and current clients include Fortune 100 companies, US Government, Universities, Utilities, Municipalities and Land developers. He was responsible for all the planning activities from concept to pre-construction including detailed assessment and financial modeling for several large projects:

 80-plus MW wind farm in Nebraska.
 100-plus MW wind farm in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and South Dakota.
 20 MW wind farm in the Eastern Caribbean for a land developer
 3 MW phase 1 wind farm for the utility of an island in the Caribbean
 Numerous utility scale and small projects

Pramod was responsible for the wind measurement campaign for numerous wind projects in the US and the Caribbean. He also developed a wind atlas service for counties in the US, which provides detailed wind resource maps and outline of areas with the highest potential for wind farm development. Pramod developed a unique financial model that encompasses risk management and financial structuring strategy. It is currently deployed at a 100MW wind project in Mexico.

Pramod is an alumnus of IIT Bombay, University of Kentucky, Lexington and University of California, Berkeley.

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  1. Dear Dr. Promod Jain,

    Our company is in the process of developing a wind farm in the state of Nebraska. I got your name from a friend who has worked with you on some wind energy project. I would like to talk to you and discuss the project with you and how we can work togather.


    Prem Mehrotra, President/CEO
    General Energy Corp.

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