Panel 2: Solar Energy Initiatives & Solar Panel Installs: Everything you need to know

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Rajan Kapur, Larenkelo Inc.

Dr. Rajan Kapur,
CEO, Larenkelo Inc.
Inventing micro invertors to help increase reliability and effectiveness of Solar Panels.
View Rajan’s presentation

Prof. W.S. Sampath,
AVA Solar, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Prof. Sampath’s invention led to CSU licensing rights to AVA Solar that can revolutionize and accelerate Solar Panel installs around the world. His team is the only team to receive the prestigious DOE 3rd stage grant that paved the way for private funding exceeding $130M. They will start their first commercial production in a 200MW capacity factory by April 2009.

Ashutosh Mishra,
SVP Ascent Solar
Ashutosh has deep Solar industry knowledge and travels globally, most recently to Japan and Europe, to create new markets and application development for unique plastic based Teflon coated CIGs thin film Solar rolls that can be shaped in any way or form. Ascent Solar has used technologies adapted from spacecraft design; their unique design opens up new markets in building, transportation designs.
View Ashutosh’s presentation

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  1. i could only wish that solar panels cost only several hundred dollars, i would love to fill my roof with solar panels :~~

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