Neal Ghosh

Neal Ghosh: Student Ambassador, Fairview High School.



Neal is a rising senior at Fairview High School.  Neal is a well-rounded student excelling not only in academics but also in athletics.  He is a member of the National Honors Society and volunteers with several organizations.  His passion lies in Broadcast Journalism/Journalism. To further his passion in Journalism, Neal is currently the Sports Editor for the Fairview Royal Banner.  Neal has also been chosen as a journalist for the coveted ESPN Rise magazine which focuses on high school sports. His popular sports blog can be read on: .

While maintaining a high GPA focusing on IB and AP classes, Neal has lettered in tennis and is expected to letter in Basketball in his senior year.  Neal’s other passion is traveling and visiting countries and cultures around the world.  He has visited almost 20 countries with his parents and younger sister Sonia.


He has volunteered his time helping:

  • Balfour’s Alzheimer’s patients
  • The Boulder Creek EXPAND Program, which provides opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Mentoring young foreign students assimilate into American society/culture and academics
  • Student Ambassador at,  a non-profit Sustainable Energy firm


 Like most concerned students his age, Neal is worried about the energy consumption in the United States and the ill effects on our planet. His interests lie in creating awareness of the potential hazards and the means to change the way we use energy.  Neal is a Student Ambassador at invVEST, responsible for publishing monthly newsletters with energy-related articles.


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