How can you participate in invVEST?

As Supporters:

  • First & foremost we need you to add your voice as a supporter for massive scaling of Sustainable Energy Initiative. You can do so by simply clicking on the Yes! Count me in!  button under Show Your Support in the SEI Community Center.
  • You will find many useful resources under the Media Center.
  • Browse through the responses and add your comments to any of the interactive questions on the Community page and give us your ideas.
  • We will also have monthly newsletter  that will give you useful tips and tricks to save energy, what other communities are doing related to sustainable energy initiatives, fun-facts and a whole lot of social interaction from supporters, thought leaders and ambassadors to invVEST.
  • And finally you and your team are welcome to participate in What’s Hot What’s Cool challenge and not only win prizes, but see how your ideas that gets selected are implemented in your community and gets replicated in other communities.

You are now a supporter of invVEST, and you got us one step closer to help create a massive groundswell. Thank you!

As Thought Leaders:

Thought Leaders can be any individual who can represent himself/herself or his/her organization.  A Thought Leader can Register for specific forums on the SEI Marketplace to add their views. While there are many areas where high level of expertise, technical or market knowledge is desired, there are many areas where anyone from high school, colleges and universities can participate. Check out the discussion forums in our SEI Collaboration Center.

As Ambassadors:

An Ambassador is an evangelist for a specific SEI cause and will actively search for new supporters for invVEST and where appropriate, invite supporters to join as Thought Leaders for participating in a specific threaded discussion.  Ambassadors will invite constructive debates and exchange of ideas from both for and against the thread value proposition, and facilitate threaded discussions to a logical conclusion. Ambassadors will start off as volunteers who may be focused on one or two specific initiatives. This may lead into mutually acceptable full time engagements which will become paid positions handling more complex initiatives for invVEST as and when funding becomes available. If you would like to be either an Ambassador or a Student Ambassador, please let us know

Education Ambassadors: For more info, please read School & Community Engagement Plan (SCEP).

Student Ambassadors: For more info, read Student Ambassador Guide & Engagement (SAGE).

  • Will learn about the importance of Sustainable Energy Initiatives and how it directly impact their lives and the lives of future generation.
  • Will further develop leadership skills and character.
  • Collaborate effectively  to create synergy and learn how to deliver stretch goals.
  • Will learn that passion makes work fun
  • Will learn how to work together in a team with Respect & Dignity for each other.

As Volunteers:

We are looking for volunteers to help with our cause.  If you are a student, you can apply your hours towards Volunteer Work.  Volunteer skills could include: project management, updating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter sites, updating the site (SEI Community Center & SEI Collaboration Center), creating mailing lists, updating events, enlisting community support etc.  If you would like to be a Volunteer, please let us know.

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