Matt Metzger

Matt Metzger : Student Ambassador, Virginia Tech.


A native to Boulder, CO, Matt is currently a sophomore in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Majoring in Civil Engineering with minors in Green Engineering and Humanities, Science, and the Environment, he hopes to soon have the opportunity to enter a career in which sustainability is of substantial interest. The Engineering program at Virginia Tech embraces and encourages sustainable design, allowing Matt to explore the many benefits of the implementation of sustainable systems.


Aside from his education at Virginia Tech, Matt’s interests include travelling, skiing, and hiking/mountaineering. During the summer of 2008, Matt completed his fifth trip to Europe, backpacking throughout nearly every European country in an attempt to absorb as much culture as possible. He has also visited many non-European countries and territories, including Canada, Turkey, Honduras, and the island of Bonaire among others. His favorite mountains to ski and climb are Kicking Horse (Golden, BC, Canada) and Long’s Peak (Boulder County, CO), respectively.

Matt believes that books such as William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s _Cradle to Cradle_, Richard Register’s _Ecocities_, and Denise Caruso’s _Intervention_ are able to convey and promote environmentally conscious behavior in a simpler and more meaningful manner that all society can appreciate. He is determined to share the ideas of invVEST in a similar fashion to gain support from the general public and the world of industry.

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