Maahika Srinivasan

Maahika Srinivasan:  Student Ambassador, Energy Efficiency and Conservation.


Maahika Srinvasan is currently a Junior at the American Embassy School (AES) in New Delhi, India, where she will spend the next two years pursuing her IB Diploma. She is intensely passionate about school and the world around her. She is currently serving her sixth year on her school’s student council. She has maintained a high GPA, having won the highest GPA honor in her grade for the past two years as well as “Outstanding Underclassman” in her sophomore year.  She has inspired, planned, and lead many humanitarian projects, such:

·        The Voices for Hospices Music Concert: a musical concert sponsored for victims for cancer.

·        Walk for Life: The Walk for Life raises funds/awareness for cancer.

·        She has tutored blind children attending the “Blind School of India”

·        Working with slum children in a project called “reach out,” to supply both medical and emotional assistance to children of Delhi slums.

·         She volunteers at an orthopedic hospital once a week

Maahika would like to make invVEST a club at AES.  As part of this inititaive, Maahika plans to investigate & track waste production and energy conservation improvements that AES has made. She is also interested in researching India’s use of renewable resources and bring back the findings into AES to find ways to live harmoniously with the environment.

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