Karthik Krishna

Karthik Krishna:  invVEST Ambassador Smart Grid Initiatives.

Pic Karthik Krishna

Karthik Krishna’s areas of expertise include smart grids, power market dynamics, distributed energy technologies, bioenergy and technology commercialization. He currently holds the position of Sr. Project Engineer at Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). Before joining CSU, Karthik worked as a Research Engineer at Advanced Power Systems Research Center – Michigan Technological University (MTU). He was the Co-PI for development of an advanced research test bed at MTU to assess micro-CHP systems and their integration into future home energy systems. He also played a key role in establishing collaboration between MTU and leading research organizations from Sweden and Israel on advanced bioenergy technologies.    

In the smart grid area, Karthik has been an active member of US NIST led Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) since 2009. He currently leads the efforts of V2G Roadmap Subgroup formed to develop a roadmap for US Electric Vehicle industry. This working group has representation from diverse stakeholder groups including federal agencies, state public commissions, electric utilities and technology vendors.

Karthik graduated with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006 and a MBA in 2009, both from Michigan Tech.

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