Jitendra Morankar

Jitendra Morankar.

Jitendra Morankar, invVEST Ambassador, Solar Energy.

Pic Jitendra Morankar

Jitendra Morankar is passionate about bringing emerging renewable energy technologies to large scale commercial operation. He is committed to invVEST’s BreakThrough Solar Initiative vision of massive scaling of solar energy projects that will drive down the price of solar energy below fossil fuel energy prices creating 3m+ jobs by 2030. 

 Jitendra works for Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Americas, a Colorado based renewable energy company that designs, develops, constructs and operates utility scale renewable energy projects. As Solar Engineering Manager, he leads engineering design for large scale Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) power projects. Jitendra has wide experience in selecting right technology for the project, support site development and lead the system integration in collaboration with technology providers, suppliers, consultants, EPC firms and business partners. He has executed engineering design for 100 MW Parabolic Trough Plant, 92 MW eSolar Distributed Tower plant, 130 MW CLFR Plant and 30MW Solar PV plant that are under different stages of development or construction in USA.

Jitendra has worked as System Engineer in GE Energy for five years designing power plant systems for IGCC, Clean Coal and Syngas fuel systems. He has filed five patents in the area of IGCC Fuel System Configuration and Operation and was recently awarded patent for “Operation of Dual Gas Turbine Fuel System” (US Patent 7921651).

Jitendra is currently pursuing MBA from Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado Boulder. He graduated with M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) from University of Buffalo and B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) from VIT Pune.

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