invVEST Toolkit

invVEST’s Collaboration Center is made up of virtual clusters of Thought Leaders focused on specific initiatives.  invVEST will enable Close Collaboration between diverse Thought Leaders from public and private sectors in vertical and functional clusters to develop & enable comprehensive strategies, policies and very specific deployment plans that lead to massive scaling of sustainable energy initiatives.  invVEST will work with all other associations, organizations from public and private sectors who are involved directly or indirectly with Sustainable Energy Initiatives. invVEST is focused on exponentially increasing the pie size for SEI.


 invVEST Online Collaborative Toolkit is one of the critical tools for debating  ideas & initiatives and facilitating them to reach a logical conclusion. The tool will also be used to gain mass support and communicate effectively between the disparate vertical and functional clusters in each state, that in turn can be mapped at national level and finally at a global level. This will be accomplished through Cross Cluster Facilitated Workshops by vertical and cross functional Ambassadors trained on using the Best-in-Class Mapping Tools. In many cases, specific initiatives may be taken to the next level via conference calls or face to face meetings by participants outside the online interactive sessions.


For details on the above tools, please read invVEST Strategy document (pdf).

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