invVEST USA Initiatives

The invVEST team has identified 3 Sustainable Energy Initiatives in the US for massive scaling:

1. Balanced SEI Portfolio that optimizes

  • Technology Initiatives
  • Policy Initiatives

BreakThrough Solar Initiative: Successful implementation of Breakthrough Solar initiative will lead to Massive scaling that will drive down the price of Solar Energy below fossil fuel energy prices creating 3m+ jobs by 2030.  Read about the detailed BreakThrough Solar Initiative (pdf).

Other invVEST initiatives and invVEST Strategy are defined under invVEST Publications.

2. Education Initiative:  Read invVEST Education Initiative Overview for STRATEGY & PLAN.

  • High school
  • College
  • Adult (parent & community effort)

Enable massive support by involving citizens, students, faculty/administrators, colleges & universities in a grassroots movement to change our behavior through SEI educational curriculum.  We believe this will be a catalyst for the other two initiatives and generate funding upto $45B/year for the educational community.

Read about our specific EDUCATION PILOTS.  For more information on invVEST Education Strategy, go to invVEST Publications.

3.  Energy Efficiency & Conservation:

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Initiative: USA consumes 54% more energy compared to OECD Europe.  invVEST goal is to reduce US energy consumption per capita incrementally by 1% a year for 12 years for a total 12% reduction by 2020. For every 1% energy savings, we save $30B/year in savings. and create 1m+ jobs.  See invVEST Publications for more information.

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