invVEST India Initiatives

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invVEST INDIA CHARTER:  Key areas of Focus for Massive Sustainable Energy Transition

  1. Technology roadmaps based on Global Benchmarking, feasibility & ability to scale issues, understanding the total value chain and identifying weak links, POA to address it.
  2. Policy (short & long term), mindset, current state, future state, roadmap and steps needed to transition.  This includes networks & relationships dynamics, playing the catalyst, leadership role as appropriate.
  3. Enable Funding Debt Equity, CDM, grants, JVs, IP, legal, etc.


Six Specific invVEST India Initiatives

The invVEST team has generated serious interest from many Govt. Public & Private Sector Conglomerates as well as Learning & Research Institutions:

  1. Set up/supplement The Vision / Roadmap and set up a cross function high powered team at National Level (funded by Cross Function High Powered Govt and Public & Private Entities).
  2. Generate individual energy transition vision, strategy, roadmap for large corporations & JVs that provides them with increased revenues and profits (company specific with NDAs).
  3. Implement sustainable campus, starting with measuring carbon footprint current state to roadmapping future reduced carbon footprint (includes simple recycling programs to elaborate smart grid solutions implementation).
  4. Facilitate Premier Learning Institutions and Industry partnerships for applied research and commercialization, IP, spinoffs, startups, inter-institutional programs.
  5. Scale and apply best practices to the multiple, disparate Rural & Urban Poor grassroots initiatives in place today (start with the dozens who have contacted us for help). Create a big picture relationship diagram on how we can bring together & scale the disparate programs.
  6. Listing of associations, NGOS, key players, key drivers, dynamics, etc that are directly & indirectly involved with energy in India.  List all events symposiums related to energy. Identify key programs where we need to be associated and be able to come in as keynote speakers and panelists. Take the role of Catalyst/Enabler for India.

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