invVest and You

invVEST has one single purpose: Enabling Global Leadership in Sustainable Energy Initiatives (SEI) for USA through Massive Scaling. This will enable a Vibrant Economy AND Clean Planet for Future Generations. We believe Massive Scaling for SEI can only be achieved when key Thought Leaders from public & private sector work together collaboratively to:

  • provide the needed long term policies that creates stability in the industry
  • provide the needed infrastructure and incentives to support the industry
  • provide streamlining of permits and processes to speed up installs
  • provide the needed investments and free up credit and lending bottlenecks
  • provide incentives for setting up best-in-class manufacturing plants in USA
  • secure commitments from the industry to agree to an aggressive structured price reduction over time to reach power parity & get below cost of fossil fuel it replaces. SEI then becomes the energy source of choice that is economically viable without any incentive needs and support in the foreseeable future.
  • Get Massive Groundswell movement from citizens, Students, Faculty and Admin from the Education systems.

What’s in it for You?   SEI Community Center:

  • You or your organization could directly benefit from mass-scaling your sustainable energy products & services
  • You will find numerous practical SEI ideas that have been successfully implemented and can be easily implemented in your own community.
  • You can get prizes for your team for coming up with practical ideas that can be implemented in your community and can be replicated in other communities.
  • You can also get prizes for successfully implementing  those ideas in your communities.
  • There will be monthly contests and the monthly prize winners can further refine their idea and implementations to compete for the annual prize.

 What’s in it for You?   SEI Collaboration Center:

  • You or your organization can participate to test out ideas, products and services that show promise and invite the ones that best fit your needs to provide Sustainable Energy related services to your organization or home
  • You or your organization will be able to leverage lessons learned and knowledge base of the virtual team of experts for your own initiatives
  • You or your organization can get relevant up to date information on many of the sustainable energy initiatives that are best practices or get how to tips
  • Our interactive interactions and idea exchange will level playing field between individuals and large organizations, we hope to flush out the best ideas, products and services that lead to massive scaling of Sustainable Energy Initiatives
  • Your participations and contributions will lead to a vibrant new energy economy
  • You will help mitigate the climate issues & reduce GHG emissions for a cleaner and healthier world for our future generations

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  1. I had the pleasure of listening to Prabir’s talk at the Leigh Hecht Harrison meetingin Denver on Thursday, April 16th and came away inspired. As an executive I would like to understand better how I can contribute towards this cause and look at career options within this exciting field.

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