invVEST Definition of Sustainable Energy

Our Definition of Sustainable Energy: Any energy generation, efficiency & conservation source where:

  1. Resources are available to enable massive scaling to become a significant portion of energy generation, long term, preferably 100 years.
  2. Low to zero Carbon footprint and in some cases where negative Carbon footprint is created.
  3. We can reach and get below power parity by 2020 or earlier, compared to the traditional fossil fuel energy generation it replaces.
  4. No significant side effects to earth’s resources, direct or indirect happen.
  5. Energy independence from one main region or country is fostered.
  6. It helps fuel a long term vibrant economy and significant job opportunities.

Sustainable Energy Initiatives (SEI) are initiatives that meet the above qualifications.

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  1. I am looking at your website as I am having thoughts about doing a Certificate 2 in Sustainable Energy. What positions are available in the Workforce after completing this 10 week course? I am a mature woman and doing an Apprenticeship wouldnt be viable for me.

    Thankyou for your time

    Carrie West

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