Dr. Sumon Sinha

Dr. Sumon Sinha: invVEST Ambassador. India Initiatives, Energy Efficiency & Conservation.


Dr. Sumon K. Sinha founded an R&D company to bring his out of the box cost effective energy saving ideas to the ground transportation, air transportation, wind-energy and HVAC markets. His breakthrough Deturbulator aerodynamic flow control technology uses a flexible composite skin to take turbulence out of airflows and make objects appear much more streamlined. For example, a Deturbulator product is currently being offered to truck fleets for as much as 30% fuel savings on the highway. Deturbulators have also generated worldwide attention by demonstrating an unheard of 18% increase in lift-drag in an already aerodynamically optimized sailplane.

Dr. Sinha received his B.Tech (Hons) Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1978) and his M.S. and Ph.D. specializing in Fluid Dynamics-Thermal Sciences from the University of Miami (1986). Dr. Sinha had a tenured professorial position in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mississippi (1989-2007). He also had full-time faculty appointments at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Florida International University and The University of Miami since 1986. He consulted as a Registered Professional Engineer in the metal manufacturing, HVAC and aerospace industries since 1981.

Dr. Sinha has decided to become involved with invVEST to play a role in promoting green such that it is clearly associated with cost reduction. In the near term, this can be achieved by selecting the most appropriate energy savings solutions based on the above criterion. The second is to improve the ROI of competitive clean generation methods like wind-power, while properly including all factors in costing the status quo. Businesses which profit from adopting sustainable energy solutions will willingly self regulate, without requiring enforcement of government mandates. Rapidly developing economies like India are currently at a crossroad. Selecting the most sustainable technologies is critical for building a sustainable energy infrastructure. This is not merely a choice of the appropriate technology, but also on wide scale acceptance based on realization of socio-economic benefits. Forming partnerships among the various stakeholders is crucial for success. This is why he believes joining Invvest will be mutually beneficial.

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