Dr. Dipankar Chakravarti

Dr. Dipankar Chakravarti -  Board of Advisors.

Dipankar Chakravorti

Dr. Dipankar Chakravarti is the Professor and Vice Dean for Programs at Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business.

Areas of expertise: Marketing, consumer psychology.

Credentials: PhD in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon University, 1979.

Most recently: Was the Ortloff Professor of Business at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Consuming interest: Chakravarti is a lifetime fellow and former president of the Society for Consumer Psychology.

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  1. DearDipankar,

    You may recall we last met at the Tucson Marketing Science Conference. Since then I have been at IIMB, ISB and currently at SMU Singapore.

    My current reseaqrch is in sustainability and marketing, and in particular, in using B2B models for understanding procurement strategies that might leverage the green consumer, to greening the supply chain. I discovered you have interests in sustainability and would like to learn more about your involvements here. I would also be keen to send you some working papers I may have soon for your insights & comments.

    I do hope you ar enjoying your move to the mid-Atlantic !



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