Dr. April Dutta

Dr. April Dutta:  Ambassador Nuclear Energy Forum


Dr. April Dutta has led the engineering efforts in companies ranging from Semi Conductor Instrumentation to Biotechnology to Medical Devices.    She has 25+ years experience in designing, prototyping and commercializing leading edge technology platforms in radiation therapy, antibody discovery, MRI etc.  Her last position was as the Vice President of Engineering at Xoft Inc.  She is currently the head of engineering at Avocet Engineering, providing engineering consulting services to biotech and medical device companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.   

As a physicist April has an avid interest in intermediate to long term alternate energy sources, in particular Nuclear Energy and Clean Coal technologies.  Anything we can do to save the world.    April received her Masters in Physics from IIT Kanpur in India, her Ph.D. in solid-state Physics from SUNY Stonybrook.   She did two years of post doc at Harvard Medical School in BioPhysics.

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