Cass Krughoff

Cass Krughoff: Student Ambassador

  • Education & Energy Efficiency
  • Conservation


Cass is a graduating senior from Fairview High School. He will be attending the University of San Francisco, where he plans on studying international studies with an empasis on conflict resolution while taking Chinese as well. San Francisco in itself is a VERY environmentally conscious city, and the work Cass can get done there for invVEST will be very beneficial.  Cass has been involved in Varsity sports, and has made a few school trips to Washington D.C. and Spain.

invVEST has the potential to grow into a strong online movement for changing the way we think about energy use in the United States. Cass’ interest in this organization revolves around the fact that the website is fairly new, so there is potential to expand invVEST in multiple directions, and the theme of enhancing use of renewable energies is appealing. Cass firmly believes that our dependence on oil will end in the next 20 years and renewable energies will be a massive concern for our country. Also, there is much potential for the organization to attract interest in our youth, who Cass believes will be key in starting a renewable energy revolution.

Cass was the Photo Editor of the Fairview Newspaper since freshmen year. Cass can help invVEST take vivid photos and create banners/images/displays for the website, as well as other areas of invVEST that need displays as well. Cass has experience working in teams with other people who share his ideals to get projects done. Cass’ plan is to help invVEST with the social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to expand membership where he has a facebook blog that can be used to gain attention for invVEST online.

As a member of the business club, Cass went to Southern Hills in April to do Earth Day presentations all day to Middle School students.  With Earth Week, Cass also helped plant 50 pine trees around the Fairview Campus alongside a team of 20 other students from Fairview. In the summer of 2005-2006, Cass traveled to Alamosa, Colorado to help build homes for people in need as part of a mission trip for a local church in Boulder. Cass is currently volunteering 15 hours a week at the GROWING GARDENS Greenhouse in Boulder.

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