Anandi Ramaswami

Anandi Ramaswami:  University of Denver

  • Student Ambassador:  Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Student Ambassador:  Education forum 
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    Anandi is currently attending the University of Denver. She is working to graduate in the Spring of 2010 with a B.S. in Molecular Biology and an MBA. As a freshman at DU, Anandi took an introductory seminar on environmental sustainability, which enlightened her about the tragic demises of the Easter Island and the Anasazi civilizations. After being exposed to the grave reality that unsustainable environmental practices have been historically implicated in the extinction of entire peoples, Anandi has become increasingly concerned and passionate about cultivating safe and earth-friendly living practices on a global scale. By joining invVEST as a student ambassador, Anandi believes that she has the opportunity to truly make a difference in shaping and implementing clean energy and sustainability initiatives that will effectively change the way we treat our home planet. Moreover, through invVEST, Anandi, in collaboration with the invVEST team, can work to educate and directly involve local communities in the creation of an all-inclusive environmentally-sensitive attitude that will carry us into a brighter future.  


    Aside from her academic pursuits and her role in invVEST, Anandi is a devoted advocate of universal human rights and raising awareness about a host of social and health issues that plague humanity today. She is treasurer of Amnesty International and vice president of the DU HIV/AIDS Awareness Committee. She also devotes her time to researching the role of apoptosis in neurodegenerative diseases under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Linseman. In further pursuing her interests in managing stress and developing a more holistic attitude towards healthcare, Anandi volunteers in the psychology department at DU, helping out in the Emotion Regulation Lab every week.

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