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Abhay Nalawade:  Board of Advisors.  INDIA INITIATIVES.

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Abhay Nalawade is the Managing Director of EcoAxis Systems Pvt. Ltd. which is a venture promoted by strategic and financial support from ATE – a Mumbai based business house in the industrial sectors of textile, printing, clean technologies etc. EcoAxis has created a machine-to-machine (M2M) technology platform for control, continuous remote monitoring and analytics for energy (heating, cooling and power), water, and waste water systems, and CDM projects. 

Abhay has had a long successful tenure of 25 years (1975 to 2000) in Thermax Ltd. – a major corporation in the Energy and Environment fields. He was a Director on the Board in from 1987 to 1992, and an Executive Director from 1992 to 1996. He then took over as CEO & Managing Director in February 1996 until July 2000 after the untimely demise of Thermax’s visionary CMD – Mr. RD Aga.

Abhay’s professional interests are in sustainable development technologies and quality management.

Abhay Nalawade graduated in Physics in 1970. In 1973, he obtained an MBA from Pune University. He also completed a program in Management Development from Harvard Business School, Boston in 1990.

He loves reading, swimming and meditation. He lives in Pune with his wife Devayani and daughters, Sailee and Saisha.


  1. Dear Mr. Deglurkar

    Please give me a call on +91(90490) 06300 or else please send me an email so that we could dialogue further.

    Warm regards

    Abhay Nalawade

  2. Mr Nalawade

    I head Kimberly-Clark in India. I have been thinking that my next job should be in the social sector and renewable energy attracts me.

    I wonder if we can meet and you guide me.


    Upendra Deglurkar

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  1. Upendra Deglurkar
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