Ram Selagamsetty

Ram Selagamsetty:  Student Ambassador; University of Denver.

Pic Rama Selagamsetty

A junior at the University of Denver, Ramnath Selagamsetty is pursuing Bachelors of Science in Physics and Chemistry with minors in Math and Biology.  He is co-founder and treasurer of DU Young Americans for Liberty, an on campus Libertarian group and a member of the Society of Physics Students.  He is also a member of DU Club Golf and gets out to hit nine holes whenever he can.  He is also conducting research under Dr. Kingshuk Ghosh regarding protein folding which plays a significant role with neurodegenerative diseases. 

He is interested in reaching out to the scientific community to involve them in developing an environmentally friendly future.  He hopes that with the help of invVEST, this goal can be reached.

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