Nathan Wang

Nathan Wong:  Student Ambassador;  Energy Efficiency & Conservation.


Nathan Wang is currently enrolled at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado. He will be a Senior for the 2009-2010 school year. He is involved in a variety of activities including but not limited to: Orchestra, National Honor Society, MoHi 360° (formerly the LINKS Program), Ecology Club (as its current President) and the Asian Pacific Development Center’s Youth Strengthening Youth Program’s Youth Council (APDC-YSYP). He is interested in working in one of the following fields: Education, Environmental Studies & East Asian Studies/International Studies (specifically in East Asia). Nathan thoroughly enjoys all academic subjects (even those subjects that seem to “torture” people) and learning new things with an open mind. One of the things that he is rather fond of is Chán (Zen Buddhism) and meditation. A little trivia about him is that he is vegetarian (and would like to become vegan if at all possible).


Nathan joined invVest in August 2009. The reason for his joining stems from a passion for environmentalism and conservation that he has had since he was a middle school student. He (among many others) are highly concerned about the consequences approaching to all the diverse lifeforms on Earth from a lifestyle that heavily uses polluting fossil fuels as well as other unsustainable practices. Without a massive scaling of renewable energy that invVest is working for, every nation in the world will go through some damaging repercussions. But with every challenge comes opportunity. invVest is in a position that can not only bring the implementations of more sustainable and environmental friendly practices in the United States and around the globe. In addition, invVest is also placed in a way such that it will be able to help educate and bring local communities into the fold towards a more ecologically friendly future. Conservation, renewable energy and sustainable practices will be among the keys necessary for 21st century nations to grow and prosper.

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