Christina Pham

Christina Pham: Student Ambassador; University of Denver.

Pic Christina Pham

Christina is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Denver. She is working towards graduating in the spring of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology

Unsure of where her interest in environmental sustainability originated from, she has always believed that it is vital to our existence here on Earth to conserve our surroundings. DU’s commitment towards more environmentally sustainable practices has made her increasingly passionate about working towards bringing more awareness to people. By joining invVEST and becoming a student ambassador, Christina hopes to be able to make a difference first in her community, then globally. She wants to further educate people on what unsustainable practices will do to the earth. Additionally, She would like to make plans, with the help of the invVEST team and the community, to implement initiatives on clean energy and environment sustainability so that together we can preserve our home for generations that will follow us.

In addition to her commitment to academics and invVEST, Christina is involved in Amnesty International as a supporter of universal human rights as well as an officer on the DU HIV/AIDS Awareness Committee.

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