Current Challenge for What’s Hot

Enter Your Hot Idea:

How can you reduce energy consumption OR find innovative ways to use Sustainable Energy in your community?  Ideas in any field (behavior, software, construction …) that can lead to Sustainable Energy benefits will be considered.

- Monthly Winner:

  • $250 gift certificate
  • Up to 3 RUNNERS-Up:  $50 gift certificate each.
  • The winners for the monthly prizes automatically qualify for the annual Grand Prize challenge.  
  • Winners have the opportunity to work with invVEST Ambassadors, who are considered experts in their fields, to further develop their ideas.


- Annual Grand Contest Winners:

  • One Annual winner(s) for $5,000; common to both Hot & Cool ideas
  • Up to 5 RUNNERS-Up:  $500 gift certificate each.
  • Winners will have the opportunity to interact with industry thought leaders that could potentially lead to internships, scholarships or start-up opportunities.

Ground Rules:

  • Include the following information in your entry:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Optional phone#
    • State
    • Occupation
    • Institution Represented (school, college, association etc)
    • Your idea 
  • We will notify you by email.
  • Ideas implementable in your own community and ideas that can be replicated easily will be given preference.
  • Ideas should be measurable and preference will be given to ideas that provide positive results with 6 months of implementing the idea.
  • You can use the tools provided in our strategy to see if it can qualify for Sustainable Energy Criteria and suggest methodologies for implementing the ideas.
  • Ideas must be submitted by the last day of the month to qualify. Results will be announced by 3rd Friday of the following month.
  • All ideas provided and/or implemented will be available to anyone who may want to replicate the ideas and/or implementation in their own communities without any other fees or rights; unless expressly agreed upon in writing.
  • Preference will be given to ideas which lead to collaborative work among teams and draw more supporters in your communities to implement your idea.
  • invVEST will not provide any information provided to third party marketers and promoters without the express consent of the participants.
  • invVEST Panel and or management will have the right to change or modify the rules as well as the reward amounts for the challenge.
  • invVEST Panel and or management will have the right to disqualify contestants.
  • invVEST Panel and or management will have the right to discontinue the What’s Hot and What’s Cool Challenges. 
  • There can be variations to the challenge and persons or teams that did not win the challenge can work on their ideas and submit their ideas again for the next contest.
  • Decisions made by a panel of student & community leaders will be FINAL.




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