Sustainable Energy Symposium

A Symposium on Sustainable Energy Initatives was held on January 24, 2009 through the combined efforts of the Colorado Chapter of the pan-IIT Alumni Association and Virtual Source Networks Inc. Please provide your feedback on each of the panels.

The impetus was to accelerate the grassroots movement leveraging the many Sustainable Energy Initiatives already underway in the state of Colorado.

The goal was to start a process of networking that would bring disparate groups to set and achieve stretch goals that will make Sustainable Energy the next economic engine of growth for the 21st century, bringing prosperity and jobs to Colorado, USA and the rest of the world while cleaning up the climate and environment for future generations to enjoy.


Panel 1: Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Overview: How it impacts each of us

Panel 2: Solar Energy Initiatives & Solar Panel Installs: Everything you need to know

Panel 3: Hybrid Plug-in cars & other alternatives to fossil fuels

Panel 4: Energy Efficiency & Conservation Opportunities

Panel 5: Clean Energy Technologies

During a break for tea and snacks, Carl Lawrence, CEO of Hybrids-Plus Inc demonstrated one of his hybrid plug-in car and explained how it works.

Did you attend this meeting? We would love to hear your feedback on this post as well as on the individual presentations. Please be sure to tell us what you would like to see in future meetings and how we can improve on your experience at this last event.


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